Yachting in Creta

The Big Blue is here, in the Aegean archipelago, where every yachtsman dreams of cruising around the Greek Islands. Two beautiful private yachts are moored at the hotels of Elounda SA, in Crete, ready to cruise off into the crystal clear waters of the Mirabello Bay…and much further.

Like the famous hotels of Elounda SA, accommodation is characterized by discrete luxury, the perfect surroundings for those who know how to be stylish without looking gaudy.A sailing yacht’s pleasures are often the simplest things in the world, like the sound of the wind and the waves. Take a drink, lie back and enjoy.

The enchanting blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the rugged coastline of its thousand islands are studded with myriads little beaches.The many smaller islands near Crete are as diverse and fascinating as the civilizations they have nurtured. The most famous one is Santorini, the volcano island, where views over the caldera are one of this world’s must-sees.